Coming In November!

The Observer of Clarke County is a new community monthly mailed free to every household in the county, and distributed in coffee shops and eateries in Clarke, Loudoun, and Frederick counties.

The Jefferson County, W.Va., edition has been published since 2003. Owner David Lillard opened an office in Berryville in May 2011, and loved the Clarke County scene so much, he decided to start an edition here.

Our office is above the Fire House Gallery, next to Rose Hill Park. Yes, we’re small! Like the towns and hamlets of Clarke County. And our writers are people you know.  People who live in Clarke County, work here, worship here, and add color to life here.

Our advertising manager Jennifer Welliver lives in Berryville. Business owners, give her a call at  540-398-1450 to promote your business to every household in the county.

What you’ll find inside The Observer:

  • A monthly listing of arts and entertainment produced in partnership with the Barns of Rose Hill.
  • A calendar of community events and activities.
  • Features on local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and the people who make Clarke County so distinctive.
  • Columns by terrific writers covering topics like schools, the environment, farms, real estate, technology, and more.
  • As a monthly, we’ll provide a lens on the news of the month. Our coverage of local issues is respectful and low-key. When we cover current events, our aim is to create conversations on the street, not shouting on the web.
  • Advertisers like the fact that The Observer is a monthly. Your ad stays in front of readers all month.