Giving Locally A Great Holiday Gift

One Christmas when I was in grade school, I received a letter from a local charity thanking me for a donation. I was more than a little puzzled because I hadn’t made a donation, and had no idea what the group did. Actually, I’d never even heard of giving to charity at all.

This was exactly why our basketball coach had given a donation in each player’s name to a local youth organization. He was teaching us sportsmanship and character on the court, and wanted to teach us something about the world off the court. He wanted us to understand that we all were comparatively well off—whether our parents were construction workers, glaziers, factory workers, or executives.

He also wanted us to know that a lot of the good that gets done in the world—from arts to education to literacy to preserving nature—gets done by nonprofit charitable organizations.

Here in Clarke County there are many worthy causes deserving of your support. In these tough economic times, you can bet some of them are scrambling to keep the lights on as the year-end approaches.

Giving to local charitable organizations is all part of “keeping it local.” Buy locally when you can, give locally, too, to help the community grow and flourish.

And, for a truly special holiday gift, consider giving a donation in the name of someone you care about, to a cause you care about.