Walk Through Grief To Begin Nature Walks

A new community service organization called Walk Through Grief meets every Saturday for hour-long nature walks using the trails in Franklin Park. The weekly schedule will alternate between a widow’s group and a general participation group. In addition to the nature walks a series of seasonal events will be offered and volunteers are welcome.
The mission of this self-help group is to create an ongoing schedule of upbeat activities to help counter the effects of grief in healthy, natural ways while creating an outlet for grief-expression. Physical exercise, enjoying the outdoors, meeting friends, and smiling is important for everyone, but especially for those of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Group members will be able gain new insights by listening to the experiences of others and will be given ample opportunity to share their personal grief experience as well.
Walk Through Grief is the brainchild of local resident, Nancy Mumm, who felt the community was underserved in the area of social and activity groups for those in grief recovery. To her, the answer was obvious. Start one. After considering what healthful activity would have the broadest appeal the obvious answer was a year-round schedule of outdoor walk and talks.
This group is not intended to be used in place of physical therapy or grief counseling where individuals would be guided by professionals. Walk Through Grief is for those who are beyond the initial six month grieving period and feel ready for supportive socializing but community residents willing to support and mentor newer members are always welcome, regardless of when they lost their spouse, significant other or family member.
For information visit www.WalkThroughGrief.com.