Gun and Prepper Expo Benefits Fire Company

It’s a safe bet that a lot of people who watch Doomsday Preppers and other survival shows spend almost no time thinking about or preparing for emergencies—from the mundane to worst case scenarios. Jay Blevins and friends are trying to change that, and they’re backing it up by helping raise funds for people who provide essential emergency services to a big chunk of Clarke County’s population, the Berryville Fire Company and Rescue Squad.

The Berryville Gun & Prepper Expo is planned for November 2–3 at the John Enders Fire Company, 9 S. Buckmarsh Street in Berryville. The event is sponsored by High Caliber Events and SEPS; Saturday hours are 9am–6pm; Sunday the expo runs 10am–4pm.

Organizers say the goal of the expo is to educate the public on the importance of emergency preparedness, and provide goods, services, and topics related to prepping.

Jay has appeared on National Geographic Channel’s series Doomsday Preppers, Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show and CNN Headline news’ Jane Velez-Mitchell show. He has been interviewed on syndicated and major market radio and web programs, and has been covered by major domestic and international print media outlets like the Washington Post, USA Today, and Agence France Press.

Blevins also served as a Deputy Sheriff in the Washington DC metro area, where he worked as a patrol and SWAT officer, and currently works as an analyst at a business consulting firm.

The event will include several speakers addressing topics of preparedness. In addition to Blevins, speakers include Dr. Thomas Stoner, a board certified practicing adult medicine specialist who has been in medicine since 1991. Stoner is co-owner of TSSP Inc, a company that provides emergency consulting as it relates to “survival scenarios” and common-sense emergency kits. His most recent book is MED-P, which describes modern diseases and techniques to prevent contracting them.

Nicole Sundine, who teaches women and girls personal protection skills, presents her “Realistic Safety Strategies,” based on a combination of psychological, interpersonal and physical components that empower girls and women to protect themselves from a wide spectrum of threats to their safety.

Ryan McCullough, author of Law, Money and the Bank, and president of Liberty Union Metals Exchange which buys and sells precious metals offers information on financial preparedness.

A variety of vendors will provide prepper-related items like firearms, knives, bugout bags, lights, food, fire starters, silver and gold coins, books, real estate, survival gear, firearm accessories and much more.