Clarke County Answers

By Jennifer Lee


If you could get in a time machine, to what time and place in history or the future would you travel?

“Before the crucifixion, to Galilee to actually experience The Sermon on the Mount.  For right now though, I’d like to be on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!” ~ Sharon Parrish at Bank of Clarke County, Boyce branch

“The 1920s-40s in the US for the culture, music, dancing, and art.  Or the early 1900s when women’s rights activists were fighting for voting rights, prohibition, and other things to protect their way of life. And Paris, when bread and pastry were the staple, just to see how they baked then, before electricity.” ~Abby D’Arcangelis, 24, at Locke Store

“I’d just want to go back to my childhood, wandering the fields, eating the tops of grasses, watching butterflies, and catching bumblebees on the side of the barn.” ~ Juliet Mackay Smith, 52, Locke Store proprietress

“I’d like to be in Juliet’s field, eating grass tops with her.  That sounds lovely.” ~ Ruth Szechenyi, 37, at Locke Store

“Palestine, hanging with Jesus.  I’d like to follow him around and hear what he has to say.  Or the early 1960s to hear John Coltrane.  I would have loved that, when his music was really going sideways.”  Matt Szechenyi, 45, local farmer and musician

“When the dinosaurs lived. Because I love dinosaurs! Or watching a Winnie the Pooh movie.  Or being in the Gummy Bear song” (which he then sang in entirety).  Andrew Szechenyi, 5

“I’m not gonna answer that question.  I’m a minister.  I don’t do imagination.  I do the real deal, like Jesus Christ.” ~ Reverend Gary Doleman, 60, visiting his brother at the Johnson Williams Community Apartments in Berryville, where he went to elementary school in the early 1960s.  Pictured with his friend and apartment resident, Wade Winchester Yowell, 52.

“1968, when I graduated from high school and I was drafted in the military.  My whole life began then, it was awesome.  I went to Ft. Bragg for basic training and Ft. Lee for specialized training.  I also played semi-pro football in Frederick, Maryland, for the Frederick Falcons.  I played tight end, defensive end, linebacker.  I was the all-around guy.” ~ Larry Bouie, 63, in Berryville with his dog Zeus and grandson Javion, 7.

“I would totally go back to when Eve was in the Garden of Eden.  I feel like I would never have eaten that apple.  Everything was so innocent and perfect then.  That’s what I would want.” ~ Melissa Pryor, 36, Asst. Customer Service Manager at Berryville Food Lion