What new businesses, if any, would you like to see in Clarke County?

Photos and interviews by Jennifer Lee


“Oh my goodness. I like the area, the small quaintness. I can’t think of anything I really need.”

— Trudi Ross, 59, Millwood


“A bigger chain store for competition with Food Lion. I like the supercenter idea where you can find food to cosmetics to sporting goods, all under one roof.”

— Laura Rodgers, 43, Berryville (and Millwood Postmaster)

“A park for exercise or activities like a roller rink.  And a steakhouse or upscale Italian restaurant.” — Stephanie Herron, 21, Boyce


“I’d like more options on this end of the county, more build-out at Waterloo (where it’s zoned commercial) with different restaurants. Berryville’s not that far but it would be really nice to have more down here.”

— Ben Detwiler, 48, Boyce (and owner of Boyce Service Center)


“A grocery store with a little more choice and better produce for people like me who like to cook.  Or a store like Locke’s (in Millwood) in Berryville. I don’t want to have to go to Winchester for good food shopping.”

—Barbara Batterton, Berryville


“I’m an athletic dude.  There needs to be more to do. A roller skating rink would be good.  And a real sports bar with pool tables and games. And a fast food restaurant, like a Sonic or Checkers, that has picnic tables outside and is open late, somewhere for kids to hang out.”

—Terrance Culbreath, 39, Berryville


“A movie theater.  And a bowling alley or arcade.”

—Brooke Daniels, 15 and Charlie Cantrell, 17, Berryville


“A skate park!”

—Tyler Sisk, 13, Ryan Boyd, 14, and Louis Gonzalez, 13 in Berryville.


Columnist’s Note:  I thought this would be an easy question for people given the rural (some would say boring) nature of the county, but most people really had to think for an answer and seemed pretty content with what we have.  Except the skate park kids—they were adamant!