Woodchuck Rappin’

How much wood woulda woodchuck chuck

If a woodchuck would

Chuck wood?


I wanna know shoulda Wood-duck duck

If a Chuck chuck wood

At a Wood-duck?


Chuckwood at a skunk and a stinkin’ Skunk stunk,

Chuckwood at a Mink.

Would da Mink stink?


Chuck dat shuck ‘bout wood-chuckin Woodchuck!

Woodchuck won’t

Chuck wood!


Whole peck a wood would a Woodpecka peck.

Woodpecka would

Peck wood!


Crawdad kid call a Crawdad Dad,

Do a Crawdad call his ma,



Crow cram a Crawdad down a baby Crow craw!

With a crawdad in his craw,

Could a Crow caw?


Stickin’ on a stick by three sticky toe

Throat throbbin’ three-toed



Toad-stick stickin out a pawpaw tree

Tree-treadin’, pawpawin’



Do a Possum paw a pawpaw out another Possum paw,

When a Possum paw a pawpaw

With his paw?


Would a Possum paw pinch by a steel snap-trap

Make a Possum pause

‘Cause his paw’s raw?


Tuckered out hearin’ about Wood-duck, Skunk stunk,

Woodpecka, Tree-toad,



Enuffa dat stuff about Possum with a paw-paw,

Crawdad, Crow-craw,



— Doug Pifer