Updates for Hunting at Virginia State Parks

Each year Virginia’s State Parks, managed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, offer a wide variety of hunting opportunities. Managed deer hunts are key to handling the park’s overall deer management program. Participating hunters are asked to support this effort by following harvest guidelines associated with 
each hunt.  

Safety is an important factor in hunting, so all terms and conditions must be followed, especially when hunting at a Virginia State Park. Terms and conditions address weapon types that can be used, the clothes worn by hunters and a required safety course. Find more information, including terms and conditions and hunt maps on the website: 

Virginia State Parks Hunting Terms and Conditions: 

  • To make a reservation, visit https://
    reservevaparks.com/Web/  to participate. All reservation hunts have a $15 reservation fee. Hunters must have an email and create an account in order to reserve a hunting date and location. It is encouraged that you do this well in advance before the reservation period opens, as it can take some time for the account information 
    to process. 
  • Hunting and camping are permitted only in designated areas. 
  • Virginia game laws apply in all designated hunting areas. 
  • All state park hunts require proof of completion of a hunter safety course. This is beyond the requirements of State Hunting Regulations. 
  • Hunters are required to wear a Blaze Color (Blaze Orange or Blaze Pink) hat and vest 
    while hunting in any park. This is beyond the 
    requirements of State Hunting Regulations. 
  • All hunts will have a go-live day in September and the sales begin at 9 a.m. so be sure to review this grid for more details on hunt locations and dates. All hunts have special regulations. 
  • Hunting opportunities range from open hunting in designated areas to managed deer hunts. Hunters can also reserve stands or zones on a first-come, first-served basis using the 
    online system. 

For those interested in applying for a hunting opportunity who do not have access to the internet, call 1-800-933-7275 and select option 5. Please be advised that customer service representatives may not have access to all the hunt details.  Hunters are strongly encouraged to apply online for the best experience. 

For more information about hunting opportunities and programs in Virginia State Parks, visit www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/hunting