Encouraging Young Writers: A Budding Writer Interviews His Softball-playing Sister

By Douglas Kennedy

Fourteen-year-old freshman Emmerson Kennedy is the starting catcher on the Clarke County High School varsity softball team and for the ShenVal Swarm 18U black travel softball team. Her younger brother Douglas Kennedy, a 4th grade student at Cooley Elementary, is very proud of her.

Douglas was teaching me about the rules of baseball and softball, explaining terms like RBIs (runs batted in) when the subject of his sister’s skill in the sport came up. Ever on the search for future writers for our hometown publication, I suggested he share her story with our readers by interviewing his sister for Clarke Monthly (with permission from his parents’ of course.) Following is Douglas’s unedited interview with Emmerson.

— Jennifer Welliver

Douglas: What started your softball career?

Emmerson: Playing tee ball when I was in first grade.

Douglas: Who are your top three influences in softball?

Emmerson: Casey Kennedy (my dad), Scott Rhinehardt (my hitting coach), and Aubrey Monroe (Team USA’s catcher)

Douglas: What college do you want to go to?

Emmerson: I have not yet decided, but Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina, and Oklahoma State are on the top of my list.

Douglas: Why did you pick [those] colleges?

Emmerson: Because they have the major I am interested in, and their competitive softball program.

Douglas: What is your favorite subject in school?

Emmerson: Art and marketing. I get to use creativity in my work!

Douglas: What is your favorite professional sports team?

Emmerson: The Minnesota Vikings.

Douglas: What is your favorite meal?

Emmerson: A Philadelphia sushi roll with white rice

Douglas: Do you have any pets?

Emmerson: Yes, three cats, one dog, two horses, and two fish.

Douglas: What are your parents’ names?

Emmerson: Margret and Casey Kennedy.

Douglas: Do you have any siblings, and what are their names?

Emmerson: Yes, I have one brother, named Douglas. [LOL]Thank you Douglas for sharing Emmerson’s skills and achievements with our Clarke Monthly readers. And thank you for contributing to your community paper! We know you will both continue to achieve great things.