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Keep Your Pet’s Christmas Merry

It’s holiday time. Pine trees, twinkling lights, shiny ornaments, brightly wrapped packages. And vomiting cats, obstructed dogs . . . Oh my! There are always unsuspected dangers around the house, but especially during the holidays. Tinsel, garland, ribbon. These are dangerous to both dogs and cats. Eating enough of any of these objects can cause […]

En Garde!

by Claire Stuart As a child, David Copeland was fascinated by the swordplay in Three Musketeers and the light sabers in Star Wars. He did not outgrow his enthusiasm. He has been fencing for about 20 years, first competitively, and for 15 years as a fencing teacher and coach. He and his family live in […]

Buying Local Is Good For You

by David Lillard There are two hardware stores nearby. One is a big name-brand store that has everything I need, often at lower prices, open seven days a week. The other has hours — they close at noon on Saturdays — and prices are a little higher. They don’t have nearly the same selection either. […]

A Safe Holiday For Pets

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You have the day off and you are planning to hit the sales.  You wake up bright and early, walk into the kitchen and turn on the light. All around you is trash. Yesterday’s turkey carcass is in pieces and you notice that most of the bones are missing.  There […]

Business Briefs

Fair Trade Gift Shop opens in Berryville My Neighbor and Me, a new Fair Trade gift shop in Berryville, opened its doors in September at 317 First Street (Boom Road) in Berryville across from the old box factory and down the street from the Opus Oaks art studio. Nestled in the enclosed porch of Christina […]

Cauldron, Currents, and Kites

by David Lillard They started out simply to make a movie. They may have invented a new way to use film, video, and the internet to help conservation groups collaborate and spread their messages wider than ever before. The Downstream Project got rolling when two Clarke County residents, longtime conservation advocate George Ohrstrom and documentary […]

In The Saddle

by JiJi Russell Once Christy Dunkle sets her sights on a priority, chances are she will move it forward. Berryville’s town planner, who believes strongly in community involvement on issues of health and wellbeing, has lately focused considerable attention on several efforts that could positively alter the landscape and fitness culture of Berryville. The efforts […]

The Fields of Chilly Hollow

by Annie Young With ideals and a philosophy as fresh as the produce they bring to market, the young farmers at Chilly Hollow Farm work to create a sustainable future. Childhood friends Chris Dalton, Matt Lander, and Justin Carrasco work together on three acres nestled in the rolling valley of Clarke County. Carrasco grew up […]

Coming In November!

The Observer of Clarke County is a new community monthly mailed free to every household in the county, and distributed in coffee shops and eateries in Clarke, Loudoun, and Frederick counties. The Jefferson County, W.Va., edition has been published since 2003. Owner David Lillard opened an office in Berryville in May 2011, and loved the […]