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News From Berryville Main Street

Budding Artists Through June 22 There is still time to stop by Berryville Main Street’s Fire House Gallery at 23 East Main Street to see the Budding Artists exhibit, hosting in partnership with Heritage Child Development
Center. About 80 pieces are on
display, all created by children—some as young as three months old. Gallery Welcomes Watercolor Artist […]

Local Biz

Battletown Animal Clinic Now Offers Grooming Battletown Animal Clinic has provided veterinary services to Berryville residents and their pets for 30 years. Now Battletown’s patients at the clinic can drop in as customers at the clinic’s new grooming salon for pets. Located adjacent to the clinic on Lord Fairfax Highway, Berryville, Battletown Grooming is staffed […]

To Help A Box Turtle

To Help A Box  Turtle By Doug Pifer I’m worried. I have yet to see a box turtle this year. Box turtles are fist-sized land turtles so named because the underside of their plastron (the flat, bottom half of the shell that rests on the ground) is hinged like the lid on a box, so […]

Ask + Listen + Borrow = a Formula for Finding Vibrant Health

Fining Your Own Path By JiJi Russell I want to offer you a “story starter.” The idea comes from kindergarten classrooms, where teachers ask newly reading and writing students to continue a given sentence or fragment. The starter might be something like, “When I am really hungry . . . .” The student creates the […]

Academic Boosters Strives to Keep the Bar High

By Jennifer Lee The old axiom “It takes a village to raise a child” could be the impetus for a group of Clarke County parents dedicated to supporting students and teachers in Clarke County Public Schools. The Academic Boosters of Clarke (ABC) has its roots in Concerned Citizens of Clarke County for Education, which was […]

Music Cuts Spur Dialogue, Disagreement

Education In Focus by Amy Stone & David Lillard The first in a series of reports on dialogues and issues pertaining to Clarke County Public Schools. In this dispatch, The Observer is merely laying out the issue and the dialogue it spurred among a group of parents and school administrators.   The homepage of the […]

Blue House, Good Music and Great Cause

Joe Boyd: Doin’ Good Through Good Music By Dominic Valentine Clarke County blues lovers know the Blues House Festival in Winchester, where headliners who often appear at the Barns of Rose Hill play for a good cause. But they might not know Joe Boyd, the guy who brings it all together. Joe Boyd is a […]

Life is sweet at Wild Hickory Farm

By Annie Young Living off of ingenuity and creativity, Travis and Joyce Miller have always valued being self reliant. They lived simply, gardened, canned, and cut sustainable firewood before it was a trend to “go green.” Their newest venture is bringing sweetness to people across the country—even around the world. Falling Bark Hickory Syrups, formally […]

Local Wood

Turning Salvage Timber Into Quality Lumber By David Lillard It all started when building contractor Charlie Beach couldn’t find someone to take trees removed from a site where he was building a house for a customer. He couldn’t stand the thought that a natural resource like good timber might be scrapped for want of a […]