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Experiencing a Health Set-Back?

Experiencing a Health Set-Back? Experts Say Remain Practical, Yet Open By JiJi Russell Most of us have experienced a health setback at some point in our lives. Maybe a recurring back injury limited your activity level more and for longer than you had hoped; or perhaps one of those recent tenacious flu strains snagged you […]

Safe Haven For The Night

Safe Haven For The Night By Doug Pifer My wife and I often look out the kitchen window at our big, white martin house these days. A flock of seven bluebirds appears around five o’clock or so each evening. Back and forth they fly to the martin house, perch on the porches, and look in […]

The Future of History: CCHA Looks Ahead

The Future of History By David Lillard It’s a late September afternoon, and the wind is whirling. That hurricane moving north from the Gulf wasn’t expected to hit hard in Clarke County, but the horizontal rains and leaves blowing past the window make you wonder if the forecast has changed. You pull out your smart […]

What We Can Learn From Third Graders

What We Can Learn From Third Graders I’ve been reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Team of Rivals about President Lincoln and his cabinet. In every chapter, it seems, there is an account of a long speech by a public figure that drew a thousand people or more—often in towns no bigger than Boyce or Millwood. […]

The Natural Mane: Mind and Body Wellness

The Natural Mane: Mind and Body Wellness By Ethan Vaughn This team of stylists has seen rock stars, red carpets, rollouts, and runways, but now they have their sights set on a new target: Berryville. “I decided on Berryville because there was no other salon and spa here,” said Romey Michael, owner of The Natural […]

The Red-Tail

By Doug Pifer The crowd gasped as the released hawk flew strongly to a perch twenty feet up a tree. After looking around to get its bearings, it launched itself once again and flew away across the countryside. The group had assembled  at Claytonville Farm, near Millwood , to witness the release of a red-tailed […]

Giving Locally A Great Holiday Gift

One Christmas when I was in grade school, I received a letter from a local charity thanking me for a donation. I was more than a little puzzled because I hadn’t made a donation, and had no idea what the group did. Actually, I’d never even heard of giving to charity at all. This was […]

Before things start getting crazy around here

By JiJi Russell As the holiday season picks up momentum, I have been pondering many topics of health and wellness to find a nugget of advice that might help people find balance and ease during the “season of joy.” When I consider the landscape of copious social interactions, abundant food, busy shopping—and keeping pace with […]