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Saluting A Habitat Tree

By Doug Pifer It’s good for a tree’s overall health to remove dead branches. And falling limbs can be a true hazard. But there is great value in keeping a dead tree standing in a safe spot in your yard  or property. My wife and I were thrilled to discover a big Kentucky Coffee tree […]

Paths For Businesses And Customers To Resolve Disputes

By Brenda Waugh Most of the time, small business owners and consumers can complete their transactions without any problems. Whether a buyer is picking up a gift from a local merchant or a homeowner is having a new roof installed, most interactions occur without significant conflicts arising. However, sometimes the parties develop a disagreement about […]

How to Grow Your Own Native Plants from Seeds

Tips from the Experts at The State Arboretum of Virginia  Virginia native wildflowers and grasses are a great option to enhance the beauty of gardens and landscapes while simultaneously creating much-needed habitat for a wide variety of insects, birds, and other animals who form the backbone of all our local ecosystems. They are also beautiful, […]

Seeds On The Wind

By Doug Pifer Looking out the kitchen window one morning last week, I thought it had started to snow. When I went out later, I saw that my “snowflakes” were really the fluffy seeds of sycamore trees. After hanging all winter packed tightly into “buttonwood balls,” they had broken free. Each individual nutlet had a […]

Berryville Celebrates with a Big  Parade June 3; Be Part of It

By Cathy Kuehner photos by Clarke County Historical Association Parades have marched along Berryville’s Main Street for more than 100 years — maybe longer — but since cameras didn’t exist when the town was founded in 1798, there is no evidence of its earliest parades. However, 2023 is the year to get floats, marching groups, […]

New Book Explores Clarke County History Through Architecture

By Cathy Kuehner Towns and counties across America developed as settlers arrived, built homes that often reflected the architecture of their heritage, and established businesses to serve their new and growing communities. Clarke County’s history is the story of its settlers and slaves, property owners and entrepreneurs, and its agricultural- and agrarian-based economy. A new […]

Clarke County’s Merriman To Represent The U.S.  In World Games

By Diane Harrison When you think of a Frisbee, you envision back yards, the beach, even dogs playing fetch. When you hear ultimate Frisbee, you take Frisbee and add a stadium, a cross between football, soccer, and basketball formats, and fast-moving excitement.  Ultimate, as it is officially known — Frisbee is a trademark of its inventor, Wham-O […]

Litter Committee is Working to Keep Clarke Clean; Can You Help?

By John Keim Since its first meeting in November 2021, the five-member Clarke County Litter Committee has met monthly with one goal in mind: Find ways to keep the county beautiful. The committee has conducted multiple cleanup days; tried to raise awareness about the importance of picking up litter; and considered long-term solutions. The committee held […]