Letters to the editor

Elect Tom McFillen

We voters in the Berryville voting district are very fortunate this election cycle. That is because both of our candidates for supervisor are wonderful, decent people. I am proud to be acquainted with both Mary Daniel and Tom McFillen. It was not easy at first deciding who to vote for. Also, in a municipal race like this, the party affiliation is absolutely irrelevant. It is the resumes and volunteer records of the candidates that should be the deciding factor for who to support.

During my time on and off attending Grace Episcopal Church here in town, I have gotten to know Mr. McFillen and his family, especially his wife Robin, who does a wonderful job working for the church. They are very connected to and in touch with the community. Mr. McFillen has a distinguished record working on the Clarke County Planning Commission, which has prepared him well for Supervisor.

In terms of the work life of the two candidates, Tom’s is much more directly relevant to municipal issues. He has worked in construction as a project manager for years, so has a deep knowledge of infrastructure. He has managed multiple types of projects including, apartment buildings, hospitals, and hotels. This is valuable knowledge that we should not let go to waste!

Tom is a pillar of the community who has stepped up to serve.



William Bigelow, Berryville

Vote for Mary Daniel

Mary Daniel is running for the Board of Supervisors to represent the Berryville District, and I am very happy that she is willing to take on this opportunity to serve our community. As a lawyer serving for many years on the county planning commission and then elected to represent her neighbors  for eight years on the Berryville Town Council, Mary has gained great experience which has given her understanding of the issues that face Berryville as well as the County at large. She has clear knowledge of the comprehensive plan to wisely manage the growth of Clarke County, and her training in law offers her the skills to understand the multiple issues that are addressed by a County Supervisor. Perhaps most importantly, her experience and working relationships enable her to foster a strong and positive working relationship between the town and county.

I intend to vote for Mary Daniel for the Clarke County Board of Supervisors and encourage you to  consider casting your ballot for Mary as well.


Mary Jane Lee, Berryville


LaRock Stands Against Misplaced I-66 Priorities.

Recently, Governor McAuliffe proposed imposing a $17 toll on I-66 inside the Beltway. Funds raised through this toll would pay for “alternative travel options,” such as bike and pedestrian paths in areas such as Arlington.

What the Governor doesn’t understand is that commuters from outside the Beltway (i.e. Clarke) will bear the brunt of the toll burden, even though they won’t benefit at all from “alternative travel options” built 50 miles away in Arlington. To make matters worse, the Governor’s plan fails to include specific new lane capacities—which is the only thing that would actually reduce congestion in Northern Virginia.

Thankfully, Del. Dave LaRock is standing against McAuliffe’s toll proposal in the House of Delegates. LaRock’s opposition to the toll proposal reaffirms his commitment to 33rd District residents.

By continuing to protect Virginia families from unreasonable fees such as this, Dave LaRock is the clear choice for the 33rd District this Election Day.

Anthony DeFazio, Loudoun