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A D.I.Y. Yoga Invitation for the New Year

Take Five If I had a dollar for every time I bounded into a new year with a freshly updated list of health and wellness goals, well . . . I would have a lot of dollars. The health-related New Year’s Resolution: it’s a common practice among us, and apparently many people do begin the […]

The Berryville Beat

Well, Berryville, we have reached the end of the year and the holiday season is upon us. We wish you and your family a safe and happy end to the year. The end of the year is always a time to reflect, but also look ahead. One of the exciting projects we are looking forward […]

A Clarke County Portrait In Music

An original by composer James Meredith premiered at The Barns By Krista Jo Brooks This year the Clarke County Community Band commissioned a piece of music to be written by Virginia composer James “Jim” Meredith in celebration of Clarke County and as a way to give back all the love and support the band receives […]

Take Time To Appreciate Our Community And Those Who Serve Us

By J.C. Moore There is nothing like a debilitating injury to kick in a reflective mood. ‘Flying branch meets knee’ has had me on the meditation bench for over a week. The crisis is over, and now it’s the droll work of healing and what it takes to do that. The usual heat and ice, […]

Conservation News

Blue Ridge Conservation Alliance Meets To Further Collaboration  A coalition of dozens of conservation organizations and agencies met December 6 in Clarke County to discuss collaboration on a new community outreach effort supported by the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA). Also on the agenda was a preview of potential conservation-related legislation […]

Tracing The Travels Of Saw-Whet Owls

Story and illustration  by Doug Pifer The caravan of cars reached the top of South Mountain. A couple dozen riders emerged into the night, bundled into parkas and wearing winter coats. As we inhaled crisp November air, our ears were blasted with a continuous amplified recording that sounded like a big truck backing up. We […]

Eccentric Essentrics

Describing what “Essentrics” is, without the benefit of demonstrating it, is almost more challenging than the workout itself!  The exercise modality—based on the strengthening principles of ballet, the gentle mobility movements of Tai Chi, and the therapeutic wisdom of physiotherapy—has to be tried to really understand its multitude of benefits.Developed in Canada over 25 years […]