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A Home for the Holidays

By Wendy Gooditis I love old movies. Black and white movies with Myrna Loy, Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth, Clark Gable — and many more. Even as a little girl, I was fascinated as much by the portrayal of a different era as I was by the stories themselves, and my greatest fascination was with the […]

Carry Me Back, A Clarke County Family Chronicle

For over 60 years Arthur Pope has been engaged in a love affair with the legends surrounding his family history as it unfolded in the 19th and early 20th centuries in Berryville and Clarke County.  As a child growing up in Newhallville, an idyllic neighborhood in New Haven, Conn., he was beguiled by family legend […]

Gathering in Unity, Celebrating Diversity

Story by Amy Mathews Amos Photographs by Jennifer Lee In the weeks leading up to The Gathering, organizer René Locklear White called it “an experiment in humanity” and a “multi-cultural thanksgiving.” Her experiment included a gourd craft festival sponsored by the Virginia Lovers Gourd Society, a military color guard headed by the Native American Women […]

A Season of Lights

By Jess Clawson For many people, looking at Christmas lights is an essential part of the holiday season. The tradition has roots in American cultural history and in the local community. Victoria Kidd, a local business owner and Rotarian (and Observer contributor), goes all out in the holiday spirit. “I knew when I was really […]

Wildlife Veterinary Care

Dr. Burwell is back to treating those in need By Victoria L. Kidd  Clarke County and the surrounding areas are beautiful in their natural simplicity. The region is home to an abundance of wildlife, many of which owe their lives and wellbeing to Dr. Belinda Lee Burwell, a well-known expert in wildlife care who lives […]

Light Up Your Life at The Black Penny

By Claire Stuart Looking for a special 1930s table lamp for the bedroom? Or a replacement globe for your “Gone With the Wind” lamp that the cat knocked over? And speaking of lamps, how about that weather vane from Great Grandpa’s barn that’s been stored in your attic forever. Wouldn’t it look great as a […]

Tundra Swans On Migration

By Doug Pifer About ten minutes early, I parked the old truck in the gravel lane, waiting for the farmer to load up my hay. As I sat enjoying the quiet, I heard what sounded like a distant dog barking. But then I recognized it as the sound of a migrating flock of tundra swans […]

Right at Home at Boyd’s Nest Restaurant

By Jess Clawson When you walk into a restaurant and the chef asks what kind of day you’re having before she decides what she’d like to make for you or remembers how you take your coffee after just a couple of visits, you know you’re in a place purpose-built to make sure people feel like […]

Around Clarke in December & January

December  11 Dirk Powell and Riley Baugus Barns of Rose Hill. 95 Chalmers Ct., Berryville. Doors open at 7:30. Show begins at 8. Don’t miss two of the country’s most respected masters of old-time music! As solo performers, Dirk Powell and Riley Baugus are each superb. Together, they are an old-time music dream. $20 in […]