Turiya Yoga Opens Above Fire House Gallery

Turiya Yoga and Wellness has filled the incubation space above the Fire House Gallery at 23 East Main Street, Berryville. Owner and founder Turi Nevin-Turkel has taught and practiced yoga for over ten years, and brings a bright and caring awareness to her practice and her students. She taught classes locally in the Barns of Rose Hill prior to taking the leap into the space on Main Street.

Turi describes yoga as taking into account, “the whole person in an integrative approach to wellness through mind and body awareness.”

Yoga therapy focuses on recovering from an injury by regaining range of motion, strength and flexibility. “Like a garden hose after winter that is stiff, kinked and hard to handle,” says Turi, “it loosens and becomes more flexible with use; the spine and our joints are meant to move and bend. Yoga provides a pathway for even the stiffest joint to re-lubricate and increase stability, strength and stretch.”

The space upstairs from the Fire House Gallery is cozy and clean. It offers a wonderful energy to learn and practice yoga. Unlike many yoga studios, there are no mirrors. Instead the calming colors of the walls and warm wood floors offer a place of internal peaceful awareness. This way the practitioner is deepening awareness by feeling the movement or pose instead of looking in the mirror and judging or comparing the reflection, says Turi.

Turiya offers six weekly classes, with expansion planned in the near future. Turi offers private sessions to hone in on specific issues of range of movement, stiffness or other health concerns. All of the details are on the website turiyayogawellness.com.

Turiya celebrates its grand opening May 8–9. That Friday is an opportunity for people to see the studio and meet the community. There will be food and drinks and a henna artist. On the following day Turi will give a series of free classes with a range of offerings. This will be a great time to try out yoga for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. All are welcome.